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If you are not already a member of The Red Velvet Rope Club and would like to know more about the 2 months FREE Test Drive then take a look below

If you are a member and want to know more about how The Red Velvet Rope Club works then take a look at the Q&A below. If you have any other questions that are not covered here then please use the contact form to contact me directly.

“Just one email we used that Marianne Wrote brought in 3 qualified leads within 12 hours of the email being sent” With the average spend of one of these leads being in the region of £600 – £800 we are thrilled”  Helen & Caitlin www.flowerbarltd.co.uk 
 What is The Red Velvet Rope Club?

It is the worlds only complete “done for you” marketing and coaching system for Florists who want to use tried and tested marketing techniques to grow their business. It provides you with a monthly step by step marketing programme along with all the materials that will mean you can start getting customers spending more from day 1. It also sets out a frame work starting with your marketing foundations and building month on month.

Who is The Red Velvet Rope Club for?

This is not for the people who don’t want their business to be a great success or those who are happy with scraping a living, this is for the florist who has a business that they want to build into a highly successful and profitable floral empire. You don’t have to have a retail shop, you may work from a industrial unit, or even from home. You just have to be running a Floral business and want to take it to the next level. This system is only open to people running a floral business. We are looking for people who are not afraid to have a go and are committed to increasing their sales and overall profitability.

How easy is it to use the materials from The Red Velvet Rope Club?

Very easy. Everything runs super efficiently- from day one it’s easy to get started Everything has been condensed down to the simplest details – making it easy for everyone who works for you to grasp it

Everything has been meticulously planned and tested – I have used all these techniques and materials to great effect throughout many businesses including my own floristry businesses

Everything is easy to implement – Once you start carrying out this system it will free up your time letting you relax and take more time out to do the things you love

No more struggling to think up new marketing ideas – no more guessing about what special event will or won’t work, no more grit your teeth waiting to see if anyone bites at your latest ad or promotion

Because from now on your marketing is proven and tested.

Simply watch the video’s or download the audio. You can then download all of the support materials detailing how and why each direct marketing technique works. You then have the mass of ‘Ready to Go’ promotions you can use to gt more customers and make more profit.

How do I access the materials for the system?

Once you have signed up for our FREE Test Drive you can choose a username and password to login to The Red Velvet Rope Club website (this should appear on screen after your details have been processed). You will then have access to a whole range of promotional materials and your step by step guide to building your marketing foundations.

You will also be able to access webinars and audio seminars. Each month you will gain access to new materials as your membership progresses. In month 1 you will be sent 3 audio CD’s and a CD containing all of the marketing “how to” and promotions, on subsequent months you will be sent your Red Velvet Rope audio CD each month and the “how to” & Promotions CD as well as a hard copy of the promotion of the month, which you will also be able to access via this website.

What separates the winners from the losers in floristry ?

It is your ability to action the proven strategies and techniques that the top retailers use. It grabs the attention of your client and prospects, get’s them in the buying mood and then spurs them in to action to spend money with YOU.

How do you know your competitors won’t be copying?

Because not everyone wants their business to grow – I know that will sound bizarre if you have read this far as you are obviously not one of those types of people. But the reason that many of your competitors will not be copying is because they are happy with the status quo. They think that a florist business is more of a hobby than a business, or they just continue blaming the economic climate, the supermarkets or their clients for the fact they can barely make ends meet.

What value will The Red Velvet Rope Club give me?

Because you don’t need to invent or guess how to do the marketing for your florist business ever again, this system will give you Freedom. It will stop your business being so dependant on you and make the sales and marketing process work like clockwork. It will also help you increase profits and gain a new joy for your business that may have been lost if you have been struggling.

What will I receive if I join?

What you will receive is detailed and specific tactics, ads and promotions that have already been planned, tested and laid out ready for you. All you need to do is follow the system step by step and put all the material into action. This is a multi pronged system designed to fast track your results. All of the documents are in MS word Format suitable for both 2003-07 and 2010 format.

Is the 2 months test drive really FREE?

Yes the test drive is FREE, all we ask is that you show some commitment by paying for the postage for the CD’s which will be sent to you.

The cost of Post and Packing is £2.97 per month (the price of a couple of coffees). There are no catches or hidden costs just your time. All the materials within this system will pay for themselves. That is why using tested tactics makes the only sensible business decision.

What happens after the 2 months FREE Test drive?

If you decide to stay with us then you will be billed automatically £37 per month inc VAT. If you decide you can not give this programme the commitment and it is not for you then you just simply click on the unsuscribe page in the members area and click on the button and your subscription will be cancelled right away, or email me directly and I will cancel your subscription right away and no more payments will be taken.

Do I need anything special to get started?

This system requires that you have access to, or preferably own and are able to operate a PC and printer as well as have Internet access. The Red Velvet Rope Club materials are available directly from our website but you will also be sent a monthly audio disk as well as a disc containing all of the documents ready to amend with your details and print on your office printer.

What does the system include?

Low cost post card campaigns – Massive results can be achieved from such a simple medium – it’s the message that matters

Raise the Dead – (not literally) but bringing back those lost clients is far easier than finding new ones. There are loads of tactics for raising the dead and results have shown 100 to 400% returns on investment

Keep those clients loving you – client loyalty programmes are prevalent in other retail industries but not seen so often in the florist sector. This system shows you how to implement one that works like magic and can be put on auto-pilot to keep them coming back.

FREE Advertising – Get loads of great PR FREE of charge. Becoming a celebrity is not everyone’s idea of heaven, but put your shop in the forefront and you will get the fortune and can choose if you want the fame.

Referrals – This is the most powerful and cheapest form of advertising you can get. I show you how to get referrals flooding in to skyrocket your profits.

Signs that Sell – If you have a shop front then you need to use it to Sell Sell Sell – I show you how and we look at what words to use and how to use signs to educate, direct, prompt and sell.

Yellow Pages ad’s that pull – I’ll show you how to pull clients to your shop or web site with your yellow pages ad’s

No more cold calling – I’ll show you how to warm your prospects

Linked sequential promotions – a system of promotions and events that bring back lost clients, increase sales from current clients and bring in new ones without spending a fortune. Your marketing looks polished and not so much “lets make it up as we go along”

FREE Coaching – One on One coaching from an experienced Florist Marketing expert. Unlimited email coaching.

Florist Marketing Made Easy – a complete guide that builds monthly, it makes marketing your florist business easy with exercises that once completed will build your Florist business blue print

Selling like Crazy -A complete guide to Florist selling for every situation be it retail or commercial. This is not conventional selling it is selling for people who don’t like selling. I have developed a system that will coach all your staff on telesales techniques and in store selling. Making even the most reluctant florist a great sales superstar.

And loads more templates and ready to go materials.

Can I continue to use the materials from the site if I am no longer a member?

Yes you can use the materials that you have recived during your subscription. We hope you find the materials will bring in so much additional profit that the small investment each month in your membership is well worth it, so you will never want to leave us!

How do I unsubscribe?

Visit our unsubscribe page and click on the button it’s that simple. We know that this system is not for everyone as not everyone has the time or motivation to put the materials into action.

How do I Re-subscribe?

From time to time people leave us and then want to rejoin. We are happy to have members back to continue their journey. If you have already had your two months free trial you need to click here and resubscribe via PayPal and you will get access back into the members area again.

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