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Here you can download FREE software and find low cost suppliers for your marketing needs

In this section, you will find everything from word processing to FREE photos and photo editing software.

Although the power of direct marketing is 80% in the copy, the use of images enhances the promotion especially with a product such as flowers which are very visual, therefore good quality images are important.

The photograph should only be approximately 20% of a promotion but a good photograph makes all the difference. If you have your own decent quality digital camera you can take some great shots to include in your promotional material. If you don’t then for generic flower pictures you can use the free images available on the web. The quality is excellent!

Take a look here at microsoft’s Free Images, if you want a bit more help on how to download and then insert them into your posts, take a look at our video number 3.

Most photo’s you take or you download may require a little reworking, even if it’s just to re-size them. I love this piece of software which again is absolutely FREE, easy to use and just as powerful as many of the expensive graphics packages.

As mentioned earlier Open Office is a great suite of software that gives MS Office a run for its money and it’s FREE. So if you don’t have MS Office, download Open Office  here.


There are lots of cost effective places to get printing done in smal quantities and in a very fast turnaround. for flyers that you can have turned around in 24 hours at a very reasonable price.

Want to send a mail shot? is great. They will print a top quality postcard print with the names and addresses of your recipients, and mail it for less than the price of a second class stamp.

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